A Call To Friendship

You are not alone.

We’re friends. And we’re inviting you to join our network of friends committed to envisioning a just future for our world.

Friends stick together. They may disagree or argue, but friends are bound together by their mutual care for one another. They’ll find ways to demonstrate that care, even during rough patches: patience, listening, empathy, and direct & honest communication. It’s a relationship that takes real work and sacrifice, but pays out in profound ways.

We’re inspired by our friends. They support and comfort us. We rely on their honesty, trust, and unconditional acceptance in a world that promises us no such things. And they keep us going when life gets rocky.

These are not business-as-usual times – if there ever were such times. Our experiences as individuals frame our unique dissatisfactions with political, economic and cultural establishments. It’s easy to locate our enemies. Let’s locate our friends and multiply our voices and messages. They’re out there, and they’re waiting for the opportunity to be heard and respected.