Principles of Agreement


• We are peaceful

• We are a call to friendship

• We make spaces for a diversity of voices

• We embody our message in our actions

• We practice participation as an alternative to consensus

• We hold ourselves & each other accountable to our principles and mission



Why they are so important.

These foundational principles of agreement serve a critical organizational purpose.  Together with a clear mission statement, establishing them provides us with a clarity of purpose. They provide a framework by which to guide and measure ourselves, each other and our actions as a group.  Most importantly, they provide the basis of agreement upon which our participation is founded.  Once decided these principles will not be changed.  They are and should be intentionally simple as possible,  and though achieve the greatest inclusion.  It is in this way that we believe the establishment of such principles will allow us to move past much of the endless back & forth that has divided us in the past.  As it is ultimately our participation that is the true measure of consensus.  Having these agreements allows us to lay a foundation for both our future selves as well as others who may wish to join us.