A Powerful Idea

Perhaps one of the most powerful and attractive ideas that originally emerged from the Occupy movement as a whole, was the importance placed not on the volume of a single voice, but rather on the presence of many voices. And that through a divergence of voices, we may truly discover and then ultimately communicate our message.

exploring and articulating complementary alternative approaches is not only invaluable, but necessary.

While the importance on a proliferation of voices seems to receive less and less emphasis, it remains to us one of the most critical aspects of outreach and cohesion. It is also one that we feel has not been well met by the Occupy movement’s overall structure. If for no other reason than the fact that “Occupy” is currently the only venue provided for those looking to participate in, or have a role in, that expression. It is for this very reason that we feel that exploring and articulating complementary alternative approaches is not only invaluable, but necessary.  Be they to singular ideas, structures, or organizations as a whole.

Nothing is perfect

We, as much as anyone else, recognize that within any approach you are going to have strengths and weaknesses. Trade-offs must inevitably be made if one is to attempt to accomplish anything. There are many things we feel that the current approach of Occupy has gotten right. However, we also feel it is a mistake to continue to ignore many the problems that are leading to disenfranchisement, alienation, or an overall lack of participation.

We feel it’s important not to lose sight of the need for self-critique. Our ability to learn from ourselves, to grow and evolve is a critical asset of any long term movement. We do not pretend that the approach, methodology, or organizational philosophy we are attempting to articulate is in any way superior. Nor do we pretend to know all the answers, or even to suggest through a different but complementary approach, we will find any answers at all.

While Occupy has succeeded tremendously in many respects, it has also thus far failed in other very important, but too often overlooked, ways. Significant issues that dramatically have and will significantly affect the long term success of the movement have been, and continue to be, dismissed as “growing pains.” Specifically those pertaining to: growth, retention, divisiveness, longevity, and focus.

Simply put, deciding that there’s no value in even exploring alternatives due to the sheer lack of them would be an even bigger mistake.

Our Place

#MicCheckWallStreet does not stand as an alternative in the sense that one must choose on over the other. Just the opposite. We not only support but encourage people to participate in many alternatives. And if they find there is not one that suits them, to start one of their own that better gives voice to their message, or concerns.

#MicCheckWallStreet is way for those seeking to participate in more focused & peaceful direct action, outreach, and communication to do so.