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The Sleeping Citizen

In this post, I am going to lay out some thoughts on Civics; greek-style, whole-person civics.  I am going to explain how my ideals regarding social mechanics affect my participation in MicCheck, and the end results I hope to see.

I hope you will join me.  What I mean by that, is this; Please read my thoughts and feel free to comment as you see fit.  I will try to do my best and answer questions or address discussion as it happens.

I would like to open with a quote from Murray Bookchin.  Specifically from a book called ‘Post-Scarcity Anarchism’, where he touches a bit on the necessary pre-conditions, if you will, for the creation of a ’rounded society’, a ‘rational’ society perhaps.  He also steps beyond pre-conditions and examines the possible conditions of a liberated society.  For this, I think, he is unfairly tossed aside as ‘utopian’; in fact, he addresses this quite head-on and goes on to explain the difference between utopian and eutopian, the latter of which he prefers.

In this quote, he discusses what the transitional period toward a rounded society might look like.  The quote follows a bit where he explains that there can be no separation of the revolutionary process from the revolutionary goal — “A society based on self-administration must be achieved by means of self-administration” in other words.

“If we define ‘power’ as the power of man over man, then power can only be destroyed by the very process in which man acquires power over his own life and in which he not only ‘discovers’ himself but, more meaningfully, formulates his selfhood in all social dimensions.  Freedom so conceived, cannot be ‘delivered’  to an individual as the ‘end product’ of a ‘revolution’ — Much less a revolution achieved by the social philistines who are hypnotized by the trappings of authority and power.” –Murray Bookchin

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