Student Debt Noise Brigade

Student Debt Noise Brigade
Jun 06 2012 7:00 PM PDT
Jun 07 2012 12:05 AM PDT
Jun 03 2012
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SCCC, Seattle, United States

A college degree should guarantee a decent job, not just a mountain of debt.

While job prospects for graduating students continue to decline, tuitions continue to rise. Tuition at the UW is up a mind-boggling 82% over the last 4 years! There’s now over $1 trillion dollars in student debt currently crippling both students and graduates alike. And what have our politicians Washington D.C. done about it?

They decided to declare war on students and profit from their rising debt.

Thanks to their recent vote, on July 1st the interest rate of all U.S. federal student loans is going to double.


On Wall Street, it’s bonuses as usual.

We think this is ridiculous. The student loan debt crisis is hurting all of us.

Stand up and make some noise if you agree this is wrong and needs to change.

Inspired by the students in Canada protesting their own country’s flawed education polices, we intend to peacefully march with pots and pans and make ourselves heard. Check out this inspiring video to see what we mean:

This is family friendly event. If your kids like banging on pots, bring them.

Bring yourself.

Bring all your friends.

most of all…

Bring Pot.

Make Noise.

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