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We’ve received a lot of requests from students to check the essay writing service After testing the service, we concluded that our fans deserve to know what’s up with this company.

This is why after several days of research, we have finally made this review public. Check it out and see whether this writing service is what you are looking for or not.

First Glance

My Paper Writer has been in this type of business for four years, which is more than enough to build a reputation, reviews, experience and so on. The site focuses on all kinds of academic papers like essays, coursework assignments, reviews, presentations, analyses, dissertations, theses and so on.

Besides those products, My Paper Writer also provides students with proofreading, editing, admissions essays, rewriting and so on. So, in a sense, a student can order any type of writing service or educational product from this writing company, which is a good thing in our book.

The website looks like it was done by a professional. It has a beautiful design that goes from simple to complex, but nothing out of the ordinary. The website loads up fast, it is easy to navigate through, and it is well balanced when it comes to the images and text-based content.

However, the content is full of grammar mistakes. The writing is awkward, and it seems that the person who created the texts is not from an English-speaking country. Also, we inspected every inch of this website, but we couldn’t find any samples, which is a shame.

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Testimonials and Warnings

We checked the customer testimonials on My Paper Writer website, and as expected, they were all positive. We immediately checked other sites and found out that, in reality, most of the clients are sick and tired of this company. It is because they received papers that are full of mistakes and got no revisions.

Our Turn to Order

We knew what to expect from, but for the sake of the review, we had to order a paper. We asked for a simple college-level essay, of four pages, with seven days deadline. The instructions were straightforward and other than that, we asked nothing more.

The paper arrived on time, but the quality of the writing was mediocre at best. This is the type of paper that will make even the calmest professors angry.

How Much Did It Cost?

We couldn’t find any information regarding the prices because there was an error on the site. There are no coupon codes and getting a promo code was hard.

Final Words

All we can say about this company is that at least it has some discounts and that the website looks decent. Other than that, it receives a low rating because it failed to deliver a quality paper. We cannot recommend this writing service. is not a scam or fraud, but seeing that it delivers poor writing services, it wouldn’t make a difference.

MyPaperWriter review