Review of All Features Of Kibin Writing Service

Kibin ratings is not your usual writing service. Instead, it is a proofreading and editing company that has been around for a couple of years. We are excited to do a review about this type of service because it is relatively rare in this line of business.

We will take a look at what has to offer in terms of services. We will also check the quality of those services, how much they charge, the client feedback on Kibin, and other factors that might interest future customers.

What Makes Attractive?

As we said before, Kibin focuses only on editing and proofreading, but it does offer other types of services for job seekers and business professionals. The client uploads his documents and then the service reviews and edits them. All these processes are thorough and comprehensive.

Kibin analyzes the coherency, the structure, the fluency, the mechanics and the sentence structures. The editors will make all the necessary corrections and provide comments to the clients about the edits performed. Until now, this service sounds promising.

The website doesn’t load that fast, but it makes up for it with its simple and user-friendly design. It isn’t cluttered with too many options, texts or images; it is easy to navigate through, and it offers all the necessary information that a client would need. All in all, it looks great.

We checked the site, especially the part about its editors. We didn’t find any information regarding their experience or academic levels. This is not a good thing because it looks like Kibin is hiding something. Every client should know what they are paying for.

Kibin services

The Customer and Complaints

The testimonials we found on the Internet were mixed. Most of the clients were complaining about the high prices and the subscriptions. Apparently, you have to purchase a subscription to be able to use the services. Some of the clients were disappointed by the quality of the service.

Time to Order

We wanted to test this service, and we uploaded a document that was full of errors. We made sure that there was every type of mistakes in that paper. We received our essay in time, but there weren’t too many changes. Upon further inspection, we found out that some proofreading was done and some mechanical errors disappeared. There were still compositional errors, weak transitions, incorrect formatting and there were no suggestions on our document. We felt ripped off.

The Prices

First off, there are no discounts, no coupon codes and not even a promo code. The prices can go up depending on the number of mistakes and their difficulty. All in all, we felt that the service didn’t do much.

Not Our Cup of Tea

Kibin deserves a low rating because it provides poor editing and proofreading. Most of the errors we created on the uploaded document were still there after our order was completed. This writing service is not a fraud or scam, but it is useless.

If you value your money, then stay away from You can get better results with some free proofreading software.

Kibin review