What is #MicCheckWallSt?


Who are we?

We are committed to bringing about change and raising political awareness through both community outreach and non-violent actions, or Think-Ops.

We are peaceful.

This means that as a group we do not engage in or support verbal, physical violence, or property destruction. If you can’t conform or adhere to those ideas we urge you to start your own group or organization.

We don’t vote.

Your participation is your consensus, and every meeting, gathering, get-together, etc. regardless of size, is as valid and meaningful as any other. Your participation is your consensus. Meetings, groups, etc. are there produce and put forth ideas. Whether or not others adopt, support, or run with those ideas is entirely up to them.

We are flat.

No one group is more official than any other group. We emphasize leadership over leaders, and we make spaces for a diversity of voices. Everyone’s opinion is valuable.

We are distributed.

We do not function in a centralized way. For instance, we don’t accept donations as a group. We only raise money or accept supplies for a specific purpose.